The Web Project Guide: Identify Your Audiences | Identify Outcomes and Expectations

Two more chapters!

Blend likes to begin all of our web projects – especially those that include strategy, design, or technical planning – with our “Audiences and Outcomes” workshop, which is simply an audience and expectation-focused discovery workshop that nails down the who and what of a site. (I’ve written about this before, over at A List Apart.)

This month’s chapter release focuses on those two directions: your audiences, and your outcomes/expectations.

CHAPTER 5: Identify Your Audiences
We build websites to prompt an action or convey information to humans. Who are your humans? What are their motivations?

CHAPTER 6: Identify Outcomes and Expectations
Your content and message — and your audiences — live on dozens of paths and hundreds of combinations. Understanding what they’re looking for when they access your project will have a large impact on the steps that follow.

It was interesting to go into this specific set of chapters, as we originally had these as one chapter and it ran so long we broke it up. This writing process is maddening in that way: we really don’t know what this is ultimately going to look like, so we appreciate all of the patience and goodwill associated with our own audiences reading them ahead of time. Thanks!

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