Category: Content Strategy

A Web Accessibility Primer and The Accessible Editor

Blend has formally documented and standardized our accessibility practice, which has led to two worthwhile content updates: an accessibility primer for clients and those new to the concept, and a talk/workshop that’s about to hit the road.

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Editorial Triggers: A GatherContent Advent Calendar Video

This year, I was asked to help participate with GatherContent’s Advent Calendar video series. My topic – editorial triggers – is small, but important, in that it affects both one-off and non-frequent content workflows while saving us the trouble of that “OMG NEED TO GET THIS DONE NOW” stress. Thanks to GatherContent for including me […]

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“Small CS: A Shoestring Approach to Content Strategy” – Now What? Conference 2015

The discussion around content strategy is framed by large examples, but it’s also the work of regional organizations, small universities, and mom and pop stores. How do we adapt the big concepts of content strategy to work within the constraints of a small organization? This transcript of my talk from Now What? Conference 2015 in Sioux Falls (April 30, 2015) explains more.

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