The Web Project Guide: Form Your Team | Create a Project Plan

Two more chapters are going up, and this time we’re looking at how to take those initial ideas and start the ball rolling. We focus on better understanding who your web team is – who is going to help make these decisions for the larger project – and what that plan will look like as your ideas take shape.

CHAPTER 3: Form Your Team
Web projects are shaped by the people involved in decision-making. You can help prevent late-stage decisions by making sure the right people are in the room from the beginning.

CHAPTER 4: Create a Project Plan
Determine the true time scope of your project. When does it start (hint: right now, perhaps) and how will you choose someone to help through to the very end?

I poured through a lot of books on project management for these chapters, and I can say that I do not envy that job – it takes a very special kind of person to negotiate and manage the billions of moving parts within a web project. Hats off to all of you project managers out there.

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