The Web Project Guide: Know the Scope of the Project | Set Your Expectations

It is very exciting here at Blend! We are officially launching the first three chapters of the Web Project Guide, and we’re all very nervous and very excited.

To start, read our Introduction. It’s going to talk a little about what we want to do (and why this is important). Additionally, it’s going to set the stage for the format of the book, which is being published for free with thanks to our sponsors at Magnolia. (And, no – Magnolia does not have any official editing say over the book – they’re just very nice people who want to see this in the world.)

From there, you can check out the first two chapters, which are dedicated to those very early and formative stages at the start of a web project.

CHAPTER 1: Know the Scope of the Project
So, we need a new website? The easy question is, “Now what?” The harder question is “How did we get here?” Gain buy-in on the reasons behind a new project, define the problem in a way that gains traction, and avoid some early red flags along the way.

CHAPTER 2: Set Your Expectations
What does it mean to get started on this project? Let’s set a scope for what this project will include, as well as give some thought to what “success” means – and your realistic chances to achieving it.

We really hope you enjoy it – I know, personally, I’m putting a lot of heart into this. I believe very strongly in this project as a necessary piece of the web canon: something that non-web specialists can use to better understand what their development teams are asking for within the shared language of the web.

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