Introducing: The Web Project Guide

Things will be a little slow on Eating Elephant over the next few months, as we (Deane and I) are embarking on a new writing project: The Web Project Guide. From our description:

Each month, we post two chapters about some aspect of the web project process — from understanding your site’s users to understanding the ins and outs of server maintenance.

It’s currently in the iterative phase, which means editing does not stop upon publication. We will continue to make changes and updates to these chapters as the months go along. We will provide additional insight from experts and colleagues. We will update the resources section, and we will adjust chapters to fit into the larger narrative.

The first half of the book focuses a lot on project discovery, strategy, and design, so I’m the main writer on all but one of those chapters. Then we’ll hand it over to Deane and he can write the development and content management parts. (Hopefully, I’ll be well rested by that point to resume writing on Eating Elephant.)