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It’s Official: The Web Project Guide is a Real Book!

It’s been a long time coming, but we are so incredibly happy and excited to share the big news: The Web Project Guide is a real book, and you can order it right now. What does this mean for The Web Project Guide? Well, it means a few things. The book is finished, in about […]

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A Visit with Boye & Co.

In our quest to promote The Web Project Guide, Deane and I were guests of a recent Boye & Co. conference call. Boye & Co. is an educational professional networking group primarily focused on the world of tech and web development, so we spent a half hour talking about the book and taking questions from […]

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Understanding Site Search: A Four Part Series

As a part of a recent series on Blend Interactive’s feed about on-site search and tracking, I put together a four-part post about the nature of site search: how it’s used, why it matters, and how to take advantage of it within your organization. Part One: How Does Search Work? – Before we can make […]

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