The Web Project Guide: Migrate and Populate the Content | Test and Launch the Site

Content migration and site launch are points in the web project process that begin overlapping practices quickly and often.

Migration is largely a strategic content process, except actually it turns out to be an operations and development process, in which data is transferred through complicated connectors or simply copy-pasted from one WYSIWYG field to another.

Likewise, while launching a site involves servers and load balancing and an intensive QA process, it’s also often a frantic mix of editorial follow-through, operational readiness, and message alignment.

This month, Deane takes a look at the complexities within both migration and launch ā€” the points when a site goes from being an empty shell to a fully realized home.

CHAPTER 21: Migrate and Populate the Content
An oft-overlooked step in a website project is actually getting the content into the CMS. This might be an automated or manual project, depending on where the content is now, and how it might need to change.

CHAPTER 22: Test and Launch the Site
The time has come to launch. You need to check off the final items on your list, make sure the site is running in its production environment, and launch. Then, you need to make sure you resolve the issues that crop up after the site goes live.

Next month will see launch of the final two chapters ā€” on site governance and ongoing site maintenance. Please make sure you’re ready for them, and keep up to date with chapter launches through the Web Project Guide newsletter.