Searching for a new SearchTest

With search testing comes the need for original, unrelated words.

The goal, of course, is to make sure a Web site’s search function works. You throw unrelated words in, of course, so you can search for them. And while the standard “SearchTest” will bring up a series of specifically coded pages, that word is boring.

A total yawnfest, you guys. And predictable, which, apparently, my former ad agency self won’t allow.

So I apparently go for the angular. A recent set of test search words: “Waldo.” “Kraken.” “Yeti.” “Kilroy’s Revenge.” Sharp corners. Weird combinations.

Look at that. It’s like a Styx album threw up on your computer, right? I contend it could be part of a new phonetic alphabet.

Either way, I’m not far away from assigning search terms to the more memorable Final Fantasy elementals, or John Tenta wrestling aliases, and when I get to that point I fear I’ll have gone too far. Please keep me in your thoughts.

(Originally posted at Black Marks on Wood Pulp.)