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Google JUST SAYS NO to Overpagination.

Google says “HELL NAH, MULTI-PAGE” and promises to provide results for view-all over paginated articles. From the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Therefore, to improve the user experience, when we detect that a content series also contains a single-page version (e.g. page-all.html), we’re now making a larger effort to return the single-page version in search […]

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Autocomplete and a loss of confidence

While dorking out and reading Morville & Callender’s Search Patterns, I came across this sentence: “A few years ago, results were the only reply. Our goal was a subsecond response. Now, with autocomplete and autosuggest, the results may precede the query.” From Search Patterns – Peter Morville & Jeffery Callender This is space-aged, mind reading […]

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Searching for a new SearchTest

With search testing comes the need for original, unrelated words. The goal, of course, is to make sure a Web site’s search function works. You throw unrelated words in, of course, so you can search for them. And while the standard “SearchTest” will bring up a series of specifically coded pages, that word is boring. […]

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