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Rach on “The Value of Content”

So, nearly 21 months after writing her introduction post on The Value of Content, Brain Traffic VP Melissa Rach finally gets to Part Two. The wait? TOTALLY worth it. From “The Value of Content, Part 2: Nobody’s Perfect:” Start by defining what you’re measuring Ok, so how do you reduce uncertainty? The first thing you […]

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Thoughts on “Defining the Damn Thing”

Jared’s right. In the past two years I’ve seen talk of content strategy shift from “we need to do this now” to “we need to claim our space,” and the rush to define the industry has likewise shifted from “this is what we do” to “this is what we control.” One of the most frustrating […]

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Callan on “Content First”

Spot on tidbit from Seattle’s own James Callan: develop your site with content in mind from the beginning, but don’t be so strict as to expect finalized web content before design begins. From “Content doesn’t need to come first” on “Content first vs. content from the beginning: Is it semantics? Maybe. But it matters. […]

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