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Book Review: Design is a Job

There are thousands of books about what it takes to learn the skills needed for our careers – the art and craft and promotion – but precious few about what it takes to understand the job that lies beneath. We know what to do, and why to do it, but we don’t learn how to push forward on a practical level. Mike Montiero’s Design is a Job is one of those precious few.

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McCoy on Wireframing (and Not Taking it Too Far)

Wireframes are, ultimately, an IA’s way of saying “this is how content works on the site.” It’s the only real way we can communicate concepts and relations in a visual way. But be careful. Developing IA wireframes is about determining message hierarchy and content interaction. It’s NOT about showing where every little thing goes. Because […]

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Book Review: HTML5 for Web Designers

There’s an underlying belief throughout the non-tech-savvy that computer and Web programmers are a secluded, arrogant group; fiercely loyal to their language, looking out for themselves, unable to share their findings lest they make themselves obsolete. It’s this belief that leads us to stop trusting our company’s IT department and automatically mistrust the kid Web […]

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