It’s Podcast Time: Introducing The Web Project Guide Podcast

Before my career in web strategy — and even before my non-starter of a degree in biology education — I was a young high-schooler convinced he was going to make a career in television and radio production. I wanted to be a radio DJ. I thought it would be a great mix of faceless communication and cool music.

I learned quickly that you don’t choose your music as a DJ, usually, and that it’s a thankless job that does not pay that well. I went into teaching, then advertising, then web strategy, and … now here I am.

Hosting a podcast. We’ve gone full circle.

Deane and I developed The Web Project Guide to be a quick look at the complexities that may arise during a standard web project. We did so in a way that would provide context to a world that is sometimes indecipherable to those not knee-deep in pivot tables and code reviews. And, in writing it, we always assumed there would be some other formats — downloads, ebooks, and (eventually) podcasts.

And with that, we introduce The Web Project Guide podcast. It’s an extension of The Web Project Guide, exploring topic-by-topic with a guest from within that field. The first one talks about the opening beats of a project: the “initial spark,” the risks of onboarding stakeholders too late, and where the term “yak shaving” comes from. Then, we chat with our friend Bill DeRouchey about vetting and researching a new project during the opening salvo, territorialism, and Mike Watt.

The first episode — “Know the Scope of the Project” — is live right now, with future episodes dropping every month around the third week of the month.

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