Treat Website Content Like a Business Asset

Sometimes we get asked to write things for local publications. This was the case in March for the Sioux Falls Business Journal. So, naturally, I wrote about content.

From the article, “Treat Website Content Like a Business Asset” from the Sioux Falls Business Journal:

The case for developing a unified content strategy — all aspects of a company’s message, from print and web to broadcast and public relations — depends heavily on our need to provide effective communications to our customers and stakeholders. Content strategy is more than just words and images — it’s an extension of corporate culture.

In “Content Strategy for the Web,” Kristina Halvorson says, “Your web content is your prospects’ first impression of you, your customers’ lifeline to your organization and shapes potential employees’ opinions about what it might be like to work for you.”

When it comes down to it, content work is easy. The organizational change that it requires? That’s hard. It’s also the most important thing to the process.

The entire thing’s pretty high-altitude and general, but still. Go read it.