Barker on “The Emperor Has No News”

The company website news feed. What gives, AMIRITE? Jewelry stores and celebrities and banks and pretty much everyone has a news feed and no one really stops and asks, “why do we have a news feed at all?” Or, more importantly, is having a news feed even something worth pursuing?

An Onion article to this effect, “Man Cruises By William H. Macy’s Website To Check Out The Latest News,” threw this into focus for Blend Interactive’s Deane Barker, and so he decided to put together a presentation for the Sioux Falls Content Strategy Group to talk about what, if any, purpose the news feed has in today’s content strategy landscape.

It was a good talk, and I didn’t want the 85-slide deck to go to waste, so here it is:

Next week, we’re doing it again with Clara Jacob talking about context and how it relates to content strategy. Show up if you’re in the area. It will be blast. And, there will be food.

And beer.

See you there?