Kill Screen’s Infinity Blade Review: Greatest Game Review Ever

It’s not just a review of a simple iOS game: it’s a review on life itself. OR, it’s a treatise on the act of writing itself.

It’s J. Nicholas Geist’s review of Infinity Blade on Kill Screen. And it’s LIKE WHOA.

Infinity Blade is a game about iteration, about retreading old ground, about the small changes that surface across endless repetitions.

That’s the beginning. Or is it? Click “Begin Bloodline 2” and you see the review shift: revisions appear as you watch, the copy becoming more honed, as if the writer learning from his mistakes. Which is the goal of the game, ultimately – learning from mistakes, becoming better, learning from your ancestors, etc.

And then, you click again. And again. And again. And seriously, this is easily the best thing ever.