Login is not a verb

Without fail, there is one argument I find myself involved in with every site I test: LOGIN is not a verb.

You do not “login” to a website. That’s just not a word. You “LOG IN.” “Login” is a thing. That’s the login, which is where you log in.

Next time, I refuse to have the argument. Next time, thanks to The Lone Gunman, I can simply direct the offending party to this site: loginisnotaverb.com.

Despite what many people –mostly in the computer field– think, “login” is not a verb. It’s simply not. Whether or not “login” is a word at all may spark a debate in some circles, but assuming it is then it may act as many parts of speech, but not as a verb.
I will repeat the important part for clarity: “login” is not a verb. It’s simply not.

Case closed. I hope.

(Originally published at Black Marks on Wood Pulp.)