Tonight, we geek

If you would have told me a year ago that there was a community of people in Sioux Falls that cared about content strategy and its related fields – that REALLY cared and REALLY thought it was an interesting thing and REALLY wanted to blah blah blah for however long it took to blah blah blah – I’d have called you a crazy kookaburra and we’d have never become friends.

At the time, I didn’t even think you could get ONE JOB like that in Sioux Falls, let alone find 15 people to fill a sort-of-creepy back room at Monks.

Turns out, I’d have been wrong.

You wouldn’t have been a kookaburra. You’d have been a wise sage. A prophet. Something cooler than a prophet.

Because tonight I sat in a room with a dozen or so people who wanted to nerd out about content governance and style guides and editorial ownership. And, I sat in a room with even more who wanted to LEARN about content governance and style guides and editorial ownership. And, at the same time, I had a boss show up who was willing not only to tolerate my little meet-up, but also pony up the cash to pay for drinks. And, at the same time as that same time, I got to giggle like a 3rd grader about dorky little content things while everyone else giggled along.

To think. This is my job.

It’s not for everyone. But I can’t help but be a cheeseball and say, damn it, sometimes life works out.
Thanks, everyone, for being friends tonight. We’ve got a more robust community than I had ever imagined. See you next month.

(Hashtag content strategy.)

(Originally posted at Black Marks on Wood Pulp.)