Contents Magazine

You’ll have to forgive me for a moment. I’m about to get mushy.

Because, over in a more enlightened part of the internet, something beautiful just launched.

Contents MagazineContents Magazine is a little project from the team of Krista Stevens, Erin Kissane, Erik Westra and Ethan Marcotte. A little project, I say. HA! More like a VERY MAJOR undertaking. It’s the act of taking a scattered industry of content people and giving them a little something special. Something UNIFIED. Publishers rub elbows with information architects and copywriters. The lines that threaten to separate the disciplines are blurred. Erased, even. Discussion begins and – wait for it – continues.

It’s that continuation that makes Contents Magazine so unique. This isn’t a one-and-done blast of an issue – it’s a slow trickle of content, each article telling more of the story, each voice shaping the concept with a different tool. There’s a promise of synthesis: examples, follow-up, comments; the elements that make up the full conversation, curated in a way that will add one last element of texture.

Contents Magazine furthers the promise of community that began at last May’s Confab, and carried over into this summer’s CS Forum in London.

This is a community of insight. We all like to talk. A lot. And we all like to share. A lot. That’s what happens when you combine word and data nerds and ask them to organize. As the world of content shifts and splits, we wander to the edge and create a bridge to the other side. Then, we celebrate with a glass of bourbon. Spreadsheets, too. Lots of bourbon and spreadsheets.

All of us content strategists and editors and publishers and information architects, we’ve got the passion. We’ve got the voices. We’ve got the drive to push things forward.

Now we’ve got the forum. And what a beautiful little forum it’s turned out to be.

Congrats, Contents Magazine team. We all look forward to being a part of this.